Connection on board

Connection on board

June 1, 2019 0 By Łukasz Durajski

Good manners or a technological requirement. Probably many people getting on the plane are wondering whether to turn off the phone or just let it go? How much is it necessary and what are the rules?

Of course, every respected traveler should remember that something is available to us with the FLIGHT MODE option in our smartphones.

In practice, we know that just before the flight begins, we get information on board about the need to turn off electronic devices and / or switch on flight mode. This is not the invention of airlines, but rather the care for our safety. This is the phenomenon of electromagnetic interference. Planes were created before technological innovations appeared on our phones and not all of them are ready to handle us with our electronics.

There used to be an order to turn off phones. However, thanks to scientific research, some myths have been refuted.

The cellular signal does not interfere with the operation of the devices on the plane. It is so weak that it is not possible. This will not lead to a catastrophe.

However, the use of telephones can affect the remote control. Go as passengers use the phone without airplane mode, then in the headphones pilots there is a sound (something like grinding), which certainly distracts pilots, and this can be a threat to the whole flight.

Currently, there are planes that have wifi on board, but we can use it when the plane reaches the right height and the wifi will be activated. In other cases, we switch off the phone or switch on the airplane mode.

The graphics show you what and when we can have turned on during different stages of our flight.